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11.09.2014 12:14

Aeronautics Group to Showcase Line of UAVs Capabilities

September 11th 2014, ADEX, Azerbaijan, Hall 2, Booth 2404

Aeronautics - a leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of state-of-the-art unmanned systems for land, sea and air, integrating surveillance equipment with network information Ė exhibits a range of UAV capabilities: Orbiter family, Aerostar, and the SkyStar family developed by Aeronautics' subsidiary RT.

Aeronautics operates in Azerbaijan in conjunction with the local Ministry of Defense Industry, co-owning Azad Systems, an Azerbaijani based manufacturer of a range of UAVs.

Aeronautics will exhibit the Orbiter 2 and Orbiter 3 - the latest members of the Orbiter Family. Both systems are suited for land as well as maritime environments, requiring a very small logistic footprint and only 2-3 operators. With cutting-edge, enhanced imagery export capabilities, and improved avionics systems, the Orbiter has accumulated thousands of operational hours, and is considered a leader in its class.

The compact and lightweight Orbiter 2 UAS system - offering extended endurance and range - can fly for 4 hours to a distance of up to 80 km. The system carries a multi-sensor camera with day-and-night channels and a laser pointer.† Easy to operate, it can be assembled in 10 minutes, is†launched from a catapult, and lands using a parachute and an airbag. Operational even in the harshest weather conditions, it is gyro-stabilized with tri-sensor and zoom payload. Delivering advanced image processing, accurate navigation, and net landing capability for maritime operations, it is easily controlled from a personal GCS.

The Orbiter 3 Small Tactical UAS (STUAS) is a compact and lightweight system for military and homeland security missions, providing an operational range of up to 100 km and up to 7 hours of endurance. Carrying a†triple sensor payload with day-and-night, thermal image and laser pointer, the system has significant tactical UAS capabilities in a mini-aerial platform body. Assembled in 20 minutes, the fully-autonomous, vehicle-mounted system enables static and on-the-move operation. Providing a tri-sensor and stabilized EO/IR payload, it uses a catapult take-off and a parachute and airbag recovery, and is electrically powered for silent covert operation.

Aerostar advanced tactical UAS is considered very efficient and cost effective, operationally simple, and involves a very small logistic footprint. It has a proven capability for take-off and landing using very short runways and in high altitude environments.

The UAS has been purchased and operated by 15 customers worldwide, among them are IDF, the US Navy and the Dutch Air Force, the latter has used it for a variety of intelligence missions in Afghanistan. The Aerostar platform, which weighs 230 kilograms, is capable of reaching ceiling altitudes of 18,000 feet†and operating at ranges of over 200 kilometres from its ground data terminal, which is connected via network to the ground control station. Aerostar can carry a wide range of intelligence payloads, including day and night electro-optical payloads, radars, electronic reconnaissance systems and communication relays.

According to Colonel (ret.) Amos Matan, CEO, "We are pleased to present our range of unmanned solutions at ADEX. Aeronautics has amassed many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of unmanned systems. The Company's solutions are being used by defense and security forces in 45 countries around the world, including Finland, the US and the NATO Support Agency.† The Orbiter Family, as well as a number of other solutions, will be on display at our booth and everyone is invited to visit and learn more about them."


RT LTA Systems Ltd is a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of the SkyStarô family of aerostats for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications applications and with more than 500,000 hours activated worldwide.

RT will introduce a live demonstration of the Skystar 300 at ADEX.

Skystar 300 Tactical Aerostat is a modern, efficient and combat proven tactical system designed to provide its users with persistent, medium-long range, real-time tactical Intelligence, Surveillance, Target-Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR). Lifting the system's sensor to an average altitude of up to 1,500 ft AGL, Skystar 300 is an optimal system for border protection, intelligence missions camp and force protection, counter IED, area capture and situational awareness. Combining cutting edge sensor and intelligence gathering and processing technology with modernized aerostat technology, Skystar 300 Tactical aerostat incorporates lightweight and robust components, together with high mobility structure in to achieve fast and simple deployment on theatre.

The SkyStar 100 System is a mini aerostat system for close surveillance and reconnaissance missions. It is a very compact, lightweight, and portable system that can be tied to a pick-up truck or carried by two soldiers in their backpacks. Within 15 minutes, it can be raised in the air for over-the-hill visibility. The system is ideal for tactical forces and can be transported, assembled, launched and operated by two fighters following minimal training. Fully customizable, it can accommodate a variety of payloads, such as cameras, communication devices, etc. Exceptionally cost-effective, the system allows soldiers to focus on a particular range and specific point in the field.


Commtact Ltd. is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and support of innovative communications and information systems for military, homeland security (HLS) and commercial applications. The company provides the ground, naval, airborne, and homeland security domains with advanced tactical electronics and communications equipment. In the field of secure communications and network-centric warfare, our products strive to address the technological and environmental challenges, especially concerning portability issues such as size, weight, connectivity and power constraints.

Commtact presents two lines of families of systems, systems for Line of sight (LOS) conditions based on high frequencies bands (S, C, X & KU) and systems for None Line Of Site (NLOS) based on VHF and UHF frequencies bands.

The LOS systems consists of the IDLS MKII, AMLS and MDLS (long, medium and short range respectively); and the NLOS systems is based on the UVR line of generic radios for land, maritime and airborne applications.

About Aeronautics Ltd.

Aeronautics Ltd. - an Israel-based defense solution provider - is a world leading developer and manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Systems focusing on the Mini, Tactical, and MALE UAS categories. Since its establishment in 1997, the Company's products have been delivered and successfully serve over 45 defense, military and homeland security customers on five continents. Aeronautics has the following subsidiary holdings: Orion (100%), Commtact (100%), RT (51%) and Controp (50%).

About RT LTA Systems Ltd.

RT LTA Systems Ltd. is a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of the SkyStarô family of aerostats for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications applications. The company is co-owned by Aeronautics and founder and current CEO, Rami Shmueli.

SkyStarô is a self-contained, versatile, easily transportable, cost-effective tactical system comprised of a ground control station, a ground system module, a tether, a lighter-than-air platform, a stabilized payload platform, and a sensor suite. SkyStarís patent protected systems are operational worldwide in various military and civilian missions. Currently, systems are deployed in countries such as Afghanistan, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Canada, Russia, Colombia, Italy, USA and Africa.

About Commtact

Commtact Ltd. provides advanced wireless communication solutions for military and civilian applications, and specializes in the design and manufacture of wideband data links that support most platform and sensor requirements. Commtact products operate in manned and unmanned Aircraft, Helicopters, Marine Vessels, and other short, medium, and long-range portable and mobile applications. For over two decades, Commtact has been developing and manufacturing advanced and reliable high tech products and systems, displaying the capability for quick response, and long-term stability with excellent customer and product support. The Commtact philosophy emphasizes the use of the latest proven technologies and components to avoid obsolescence during the product's life cycle, while concentrating on miniaturization of systems. The company's goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction by adapting products to customer requirements, rather than have the customer change them in order to use a specific product.

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