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07.05.2013 09:23

Mobile Body meetings devoted to the results of the first quarter of 2013 were held in the subordinate enterprises of the Ministry of Defence Industry

Results of the production and financial-economic activities of the unions and plants and issues done in general and standing ahead were widely discussed in the meetings held with the chairmanship of the Minister Yavar Jamalov.

It was stated that in the report period in the subordinate enterprises the works on implementation of program for 2013 were continued, defense products produced on contracts with power structures of the Republic and handed over to the customers. Works on broadening of production of civil products were also continued.

In 2013 the general volume of products increased as high as 2,9 times in comparison to 2012 and defense products as high as 2.6 times. The nomenclature of products adopted for production increased as high as 3.8 times.

In the 1-st quarter the following products were handed over to customers: PKM machine-gun, 60 mm mortar, “ZAFAR-K pistol, ”AK-74M” Automatic rifle, different types of signal and ball cartridges, hand grenades, antitank mines, spare parts for armored vehicles and other ammunitions.

In the report period the manufacture of civil products reached 100,6% accounting for 17,5% raise compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

In compliance with the Production Program the works on production on 71 subjects and on 212 stages of R&D are in progress.

During the meeting it was mentioned, that the display of defense products at the international exhibitions has become a tradition. At IDEF-2009 held in Turkey were displayed 27 names of products, at IndoDefence-2012 held in Indonesia were displayed 125 names of products and at IDEF-2013 to be held  in May in Turkey will be displayed 130  names of products.  For the fist time there will be on display: 7,62x54 mm machine-gun “Gurza”, 7,62x51mm sniper rifle “Yalguzag”, 7,62x54mm  HP-7,62 machine gun, patrol vehicle “Gurza”, “Aerostar” & “Orbiter” UAV, etc.

Moreover it was noted, that Azerbaijan for the first time is going to organize exhibition “ADEX-2014”, which will be held in Baku in September and the preparation works  have already started.

According to the order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic on celebration of 90th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev the Ministry of Defence Industry have approved the plan of  special events.

Reports of the directors of the unions and enterprises were listened in the meetings.

Minister Yavar Jamalov stressed his positive appreciation of works done within the report period in the subordinate unions and plants of the Ministry.

Minister gave special tasks to the directors of the unions and enterprises, voiced by the Republic President Ilham Aliyev  for the development of the defence industry.

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