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22.04.2014 15:29

Minister Yaver Jamalov: “The main objective of our defense industry is to eliminate Azerbaijan’s dependence on military technology of foreign countries” “We will show that Azerbaijan is not only an oil country, but also ranks among the countries with defense industry”

Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. Azerbaijani Minister of Defense Industry Yaver Jamalov’s exclusive interview with APA

- Mr. Minister, ADEX-2014 International Defense Industry Exhibition will be held in September, for the first time in the military history of Azerbaijan. How are the preparations for the exhibition going on, what are your expectations?

- The organizing committee on preparations for the exhibition has been established, works are being carried out in all directions. As a result of it, more than 100 companies from 21 countries have confirmed their participation at ADEX-2014. Finally, we conducted negotiations with official agencies of different countries and company executives at DSA-2014 International Exhibition in Malaysia. I hope that these countries will also join the exhibition. Several Singaporean companies, "Boeing", the Malaysian Defense Minister and companies of this country announced their intention to participate at the exhibition to be held in Baku. ADEX covers all the continents of the world for the geographical location of the participating companies. Many companies from Turkey, Russia, America, France, Israel, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Korea, and other countries will demonstrate their products at the exhibition.

- What will be the differences between the exhibition to be held in Azerbaijan and exhibitions attended by Azerbaijan?

- Today, more than 900 defense products are being produced in the institutions of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense Industry. It is impossible to demonstrate all of them at international fairs. We demonstrated 27 products at the exhibition in Istanbul in 2009. We displayed 132 products in Malaysia. The types of products are growing every year. At the exhibition to be held in Azerbaijan we will demonstrate various ammunitions, engineering techniques, intelligence tools, protective equipments, air bombs that haven’t been previously showcased at foreign fairs. Our institutions are seriously working on preparations for the exhibition. For example, today we have 50, 100, 250 and 500 kg-air bombs. Our experts produced 107mm multiple-rocket launcher on “Ford” chassis. This system having a firing distance of 11 km will be demonstrated for the first time at ADEX exhibition. This system will be tested at the shooting range soon.

- What innovations are planned in the defense industry this year?

- Azerbaijan will start the serial production of 40mm Multiple Grenade Launchers and their ammunition with a Serbian company in the near future. A production unit has been already established in this regard. The samples of weapon were produced and tested. We plan to open 7-8 plants this year. They will produce a variety of ammunition, weapons and other products. One of these plants will carry out serial production of 85 mm-155 mm caliber tank and artillery shells. There is a great need for these projectiles in our army. Moreover, a serial production plant of ammunition for RPG-7 grenade launchers will be put into operation. It will produce 4 types of ammunition for grenade throwers, as well as barrels for all types of weapons in size from 5.45 mm to 30 mm. We have already purchased this equipment from Serbia. It should be noted that a few countries produce barrel. These barrels have a single shooting resource. After completing it, the weapons are not use. The production of MP-5 submachine gun will be started under the license of the Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation in the short run. We are about to complete the tests of local-produced “Mubariz” and “Yalguzag” sniper rifles. We have already received technical terms from the Defense Ministry and both sniper rifles will be included in armament this year.

- When does the Industry Ministry plan to fully meet the military equipment?

- The state is permanently investing in defense industry, equipments are purchased from various countries. The most modern equipments are used in our production process. At the same time, a personnel training is one of the priorities. Involving former experience and competent specialists in the Defense Industry Ministry, we try to use their potential in the development of defense industry. There is a lack of specialists in Azerbaijan and we admit it. During the establishment of the Defense Industry Ministry, it was tasked to provide the Armed Forces and security agencies with defense products. The ministry is currently implementing various projects in this area and I think that we will be able to provide the needs of our army in the coming years. The main purpose of our defense industry is to eliminate Azerbaijan’s dependence on military technology of foreign countries. We try to achieve this goal. In the near future we also intend to present our projects on aviation sector, including modernization programs.

- The implementation of some projects is delayed. What is the reason?

- Delays are related with financing. But the signed agreements are executed on scheme and there are no delays.

- Last year the Defense Industry Ministry exported equipments worth $123 million in the global market of defense industry, where large organizations compete. What can you say about this?

- Of course, this figure is high in a short time. To achieve such an indicator is necessary to work for years. Our participation in international exhibition aims at exporting products abroad. At the recent DSA-2014 exhibition in Malaysia, we agreed with several companies of Malaysia and Singapore to organize the marketing and sale of Azerbaijan’s products in the southeastern Asia. The structure and geography of our export is different.  We carry out exports to Turkey, Russia and Belarus. We implemented a small party export. We have agreement with the NATO member states and export our products in these countries. We with our activities will show that Azerbaijan is not only an oil country, but also ranks among the countries with defense industry.


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