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19.07.2013 14:54

Azerbaijan ranked 5th among countries purchasing most weapons from Russia last year

Russia sold 5% of weapons and military vehicles to Azerbaijan in 2012

Baku. Rashad Suleymanov APA. Azerbaijans share in the regional structure of Russian military trade made 5% and it ranked the fifth. APA reports that it was reflected in the analysis report published by the Russia's prestigious publication "Voenno-promıslennıy kuryer".

The top three countries in the structure of Russia's military exports are India with 40%, Algeria with 14% and Vietnam with 10%. China, Azerbaijan and Venezuela follow them with 5%.

In 2012, Russia ensured the delivery of helicopters worth $ 1 444bn by the orders. Russia sold 27 units of Mi-17V-5 (worth $ 440 mln) to India, 16 Mi8/17 helicopters to Azerbaijan, 12 to Afghanistan ($214 mln), 8 to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, to Egypt, 6 to Indonesia, 3 to Mexico and 2 to the Southern Sudan. 12 of helicopters sold to Azerbaijan was Mi-35M.

Moreover, Russia has sold 16 BMP-3, 30 BTR-80A to Venezuela, 30 BTR-82 to Kazakhstan, 20 BTR-80A to Bangladesh, 40 BTR-70M to Mongolia, BTR-80/80A to Azerbaijan, BMP-3 to Kuwait and QAZ-2330 Tigr to Kongo. During the reporting period, anti-ship rockets were sold to Azerbaijan, Algeria, India and Vietnam.

In 2012, Azerbaijan also purchased several Scorpion LŞA/LŞA-B Light Armored Vehicle from Russia.

According to the information submitted to the UN Register of Conventional Arms, in 2012, Russia sold 18 large-caliber artillery systems (Msta-S), 1,200 portable antiaircraft missile complexes (200 launchers and 1,000 rockets) to Azerbaijan.

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