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11.09.2014 15:41

ADEX 2014: an excellent exposure of modern weapons and equipment, and a demonstration of the strength and power of Azerbaijanís national defence.

The great interest shown in ADEX 2014 confirms the role and significance of Azerbaijan as an important strategic partner.

The 1st Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition, ADEX 2014, held on the initiative of the Ministry of the Defence Industry and supported by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, opened today at Baku Expo Centre for the first time in the South Caucasian region and Azerbaijan. The organizational partners of ADEX 2014 are Iteca Caspian and Caspian Event Organisers (CEO).

A letter of welcome from the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, was read out at the opening ceremony to the guests and participants at ADEX 2014. The letter noted that ďHolding such an exhibition is no coincidenceĒ. The event will effectively highlight the economic growth of Azerbaijan, and the commercial and industrial development of the country. The military doctrine adopted by Azerbaijan is intended to strengthen its defence capabilities.

In his speech, Yaver Jamalov, Minister of the Defence Industry, stressed that the overarching exposition of the exhibition would help to strengthen the scientific and technological potential of the industry in the interest of Azerbaijanís national defence capability and to stimulate the development of new technological processes. Mr Jamalov noted that the feasibility of ADEX was due to the successes which had been achieved in recent years by the domestic defence industry. A number of development priorities have been identified for Azerbaijan, including the growth of the defence industry and the enhanced protection of the stateís borders. Today, the Azerbaijani army is able to carry out any task assigned to it.

The relevance of the exhibition is highlighted by the great interest shown in the event by the public authorities, businesses and industrial structures of Azerbaijan, and foreign countries. ADEX 2014 welcomes 200 companies from 34 countries and 22 official delegations, and is occupying 3 pavilions of Baku Expo Centre. The extensive displays from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Poland, Israel and Belarus have immediately attracted attention with their impressive stands. The exhibition will offer a demonstration of the latest achievements in the industry, covering arms and equipment for ground troops, naval and air forces; aviation; air defence systems and devices; IT systems; logistical and technical support for troops; and space technology.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive business programme, which will be an important part of the bilateral meetings between the heads of line ministries, manufacturers and customers. Reflecting the development of the defence industry of Azerbaijan, the exhibition will give new impetus to international cooperation in this area and will contribute considerably to the competitiveness of Azerbaijani military products on the global market.

The Platinum Sponsor of the exhibition is Damen Shipyards Group, a shipbuilding company from the Netherlands. The Gold Sponsor is Roketsan (Turkey).

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