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11.09.2014 17:22

Engines of unique power

Fedor Sorokin, Deputy Chief Designer, Motor Sich JSC

Motor Cich JSC, located in Zaporozhye in south-east Ukraine, is the largest aircraft engine production company in the former Soviet Union and now one of the five largest companies in the world. The company has come a long way, from the production of piston (reciprocating) engines to the manufacture of fifth-generation gas turbine engines. Our products are exported to over 130 countries around the world. We not only produce aircraft engines, but also engines for gas and oil pumping facilities and for gas-lift installations.

Our main products are related to aviation, and we have recently become involved in helicopter building as well. Vyacheslav Boguslav, the chairman of our board of directors, is the chief designer of helicopters in Ukraine. He led the modernization of the MI 2 and MI 8 helicopters, which benefited both the national economy and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Our products are in great demand, and we have customers and direct competitors both near and far. For example, we produce an engine of unique power for the largest MI 26 helicopter. It has an output of 11,300 horsepower. We also produce the unique D18T engine for the largest Ruslan and Mriya cargo aircrafts. The Ruslan aircraft is used around the world, performing unique freight transportations. The Mriya aircraft is designed for launching the Buran space shuttle.

The most interesting items on our stand are products for the remotorization (replacement of engines) of helicopters, which may be required in Azerbaijan. We can install fifth-generation engines in helicopters to improve both fuel economy and capacity. We can also supply fifth-generation electronics, change avionics systems and install modern cabins with air conditioning, etc.

We believe that this exhibition will help us to demonstrate our products to specialists and to establish contacts, taking into account our experience in product delivery.


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