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11.09.2014 18:58

Chemical, biological and radiological detection solutions

Damijan Pishek, project leader of the Em.tronic Company (Slovenia)

We operate in the field of chemical, biological and radiological detection (CBR equipment), analysis and decontamination.

We work for many countries and their defense ministries. We are providing integrated systems which allow doing all kinds of detection in one unit or laboratory. Detection instruments are integrated in light vehicles and enable rapid and efficient detection. Here we are presenting the kind of vehicles that could be very useful for Azerbaijan.

The light reconnaissance NBC vehicles are equipped with measuring instruments for NBC detection, sampling systems, contaminated field marking systems, radio and weapon stations. The filtration system provides protection against NBC warfare agents for the crew (driver, operator, shooter). A light reconnaissance NBC vehicle is also an amphibian armored vehicle.

Manufacturers of NBC detection instruments are well selected based on high quality and tradition. An NBC system enables measuring of gamma radiation, presence of Biological Agents, Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) inside and outside the vehicle, and remote standoff Chemical detection within the range of 5 km. A meteorological station is used for measuring wind speed, wind direction, humidity, air temperature and atmospheric pressure. Oxygen and carbon dioxide measurement is performed to assess air quality.

It is our first visit to Azerbaijan and we hope to present our equipment to a wide range of professionals and to find positional customer. We are here to establish contacts and to conduct business in Azerbaijan in the future.

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