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12.09.2014 06:51

Various types of uniform for soldiers and officers

Eldar Hagverdiyev, Deputy Chairman, Baki Tikish Evi JSC (Baku Sewing House" )

Our company has been producing apparel for the public since 1937. Our company first began to manufacture uniforms for the Ministry of Defence during the Second World War and won several prestigious awards for doing so. The enterprise was privatized in 1999 and specialized in producing apparel for the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan. We manufacture various items for soldiers and officers that are necessary for the army both in wartime and peacetime. Our company holds the ISO 9001:2001 certificate from the Turkish Institute of Standards. Our specialists have been manufacturing clothing in accordance with NATO standards since 1998 and have now begun to manufacture new uniforms, samples of which are on display here at the exhibition. These items include routine and combat clothing for soldiers and officers, and camouflaged items for Special Forces, as well as reconnaissance and sniper units

This exhibition enables us to show our products to a wide range of specialists. We are proud of the high quality and ability of our products to meet international standards and believe that they deserve full marks from the experts.

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