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12.09.2014 15:11

İt feels like home here

Serdar Gürgüç, General Manager of Otokar Company

A Turkish company, Otokar manufactures armoured vehicles with lots of different variations. Our product range is very wide: from 4 ton armoured vehicles designed for police and military up to 28 ton wheel vehicles, including 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 models. On the truck side, we produce armoured combat vehicles plus the Turkish Ministry of Defense has ordered a new generation Turkish armoured wheel battle tank which is called Altay. It weighs 63 tons. So our products weight range is from 4 up to 63 tons.
We are here at this exhibition because Azerbaijan is a brother country to Turkey. We share the same language, same feelings. We would like to be represented in Azerbaijan it feels like home here. Azerbaijan armed forces already use our vehicles. We have a good check record with our vehicles used in Azerbaijan. On the other hand we have signed multiple contracts with Azerbaijan already. The performance of our vehicles is good and we provide logistics and maintenance support.
The reason why we are displaying the 6x6 armoured vehicle at this exhibition is that it is a new generation vehicle, unique all around the world for its mine resistance quality. Usually, 6x6 vehicles have a flat belly which is a weakness regarding mine explosions. Ours has a different design and it boasts secure protection from mine explosions. The vehicle we are displaying here is called Arma and it is available in a 8x8 version as well, which we think will attract Azerbaijani users.

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