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12.09.2014 15:32

Integrated solutions for the highest security

Rene Hostettler, Head of sales for Russia, CIS and Central Asia countries, CRYPTO company

We are experts in information security and meet the toughest requirements. Years of experience and solid professional knowledge set us apart from others. We know our customers well and integrate their knowledge and our own expertise into each and every solution. We use this integrated expertise to develop customized top-security, giving our customers maximum autonomy for exclusive security.
We work in three directions: the first is for military, so, if you have radios we can make the cipher part. Also, we have IPBN (Public Broadcasting Network) and internet, so, we transport files, data and provide interconnection. And the third part which is very interesting is voice encryption, i.e. fully encrypted GSM. We offer the highest security in the world. There are countries with their own encryption like the United States, France and Germany, while smaller countries like Switzerland cannot have it because it is too complicated. So, we are the ones who produce fully encrypted devices for the government.
So, we can help Azerbaijan to encrypt and isolate information from the rest of the world. We have special algorithms which can be modified by the client, so, in the end you have your own algorithm.
We are here because we are very interested in unfolding business in Azerbaijan. We have some good contacts here already, for instance, the Risk Company has been our partner for about 5 years.
This kind of events are very useful for business development and bring together all the people who are interested in this industry. Our potential clients can see the products we display here and this can be a start for future business activity.

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