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12.09.2014 21:21

Offering the advantages of the most up-to-date systems

Philippe Dauvergue – CEO of company.

Based in Luxemburg, our company specialises in program management and provides some strategic goods. We have been present in Azerbaijan for 2 years already providing maintenance of radar systems. We are cooperating with the best European companies, and through our key partner in Azerbaijan we are going to introduce them on the markets and to manage local issues such as civil works, expertizing and all legal and partnership matters we may have. We want to provide Azerbaijan with the most modern system we have. One of such is the emergency landing system for helicopters. This is really interesting because in 10 minutes someone with no higher education in air traffic management can provide air base for a helicopter in an emergency situation. Another hi-tech product is a very quick satellite system for cases when some problem blocks off all communication, enabling direct connection to the satellite. This system also provides Wi-Fi connection controlled by the army or national security or the Ministry of Emergency Situations, enabling internet access to someone who is in a real trouble.

This kind of event is unprecedented for Azerbaijan. In Europe such exhibitions are very common; however it was very important to participate in the first event of the kind here in Baku. We would like to demonstrate our interest in the Azerbaijan market. We believe in future partnership and have products to offer to Azerbaijan.

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