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02.08.2013 11:40

Azerbaijan purchased 321 tanks, 44 artillery systems and 64 combat aircrafts during 20 years

The list does not include arms that Azerbaijan purchased from Russia, Israel and Turkey in the recent years

Baku. Rashad Suleymanov APA. In 1992-2012, Azerbaijan purchased 321 tanks, 264 combat vehicles, 44 artillery systems and 21,295 missiles and missile launchers from different countries, APA reports quoting the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms.

In this period, significantly strengthening the military aviation Baku has purchased 64 training and combat aircrafts and 24 combat helicopters.

The list does not include artillery systems and multiple rocket launchers, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, tanks and combat vehicles that Azerbaijan purchased from Israel, Turkey and Russia in the recent years.

According to UNRCA, Ukraine was the country that sold most military vehicles to Azerbaijan during the reporting period. Baku has purchased 198 battle tanks (mainly T-72 and T-55), 173 armored transport vehicles, 294 artillery systems, 37 training and combat aircrafts, 12 combat helicopters and 95 missile systems from Ukraine.

The second country for arms sale is Russia. This country has sold 62 tanks, 24 armored transport vehicles, 18 howitzers, 12 helicopters and 1,200 missiles. The list does not include two division S-300 PMU-2 Favorit complexes, as well as Ka-32 and Mi-17V transport helicopters which were purchased in 2008-2012.

Azerbaijan has purchased 60 tanks, 42 howitzers and 6 planes from Belarus.

The report says that in 1992-2012, Azerbaijan purchased 1 tank from Slovakia, 10 RAK-128 multiple rocket launchers and 20,000 missiles from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 32 armored transport vehicles from the South African Republic, 13 combat planes from Georgia, 8 from Kazakhstan.

In general, the planes purchased from Ukraine were MiQ-29 and L-39, from Belarus and Georgia Su-25, from Kazakhstan MiQ-25.

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